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High Speed Satellite Internet Service - 5 Smart Things to Consider

Before you sign an agreement for high speed satellite internet service. There are 5 critical things to seriously consider.

 1.  The High Tech Satellite Receiving Equipment

Even though satellite internet service is relayed via a network of transmitting and receiving dishes located thousands of miles up in space in down here on Earth. One receiving dish at your home or office, one at your providerís facility, and the signal transmitter up in deep space.  It may sound complicated, and it is. However the equipment you'll use really isnít very complicated or at all difficult to use!

Once the dish is installed at your home or office. All you will need is a modem inside connecting your high speed internet onramp to your computer.  Thatís it!

 2.  The Cost

The top providers have comparable costs. However the most customer friendly high speed satellite internet providers will offer plans that can fit any family budget. Some plans start at less than $2 per day!

 3.  The Speed

We're talking speeds up to 500X faster than dial-up, and 3-5X faster than most cable DSL. Top notch high speed satellite internet service will provide download speeds up to 15Mbps and upload speeds of around 2 or 3Mbps.  You should be able to stream music, video, and download larger files in just minutes or even seconds!

 4.  The Day of Installation

In order for your satellite internet service to work properly. The dish at your home or office has to be installed by a certified professionally trained installer.  It will be installed facing the south, so that it can send and  receive signals from the satellite thatís orbiting up in space.  It will also need to be calibrated and installed without anything obstructing it.

5.  The Other Choices

High speed satellite internet was created to service those of us outside of highly populated and serviced urban areas. As essential as high speed satellite internet service can be for those of us who choose to live in the country or rural America. There can be other choices.

Like cable DSL. These days however, high speed satellite internet is much faster and more reliable than many cable DSL services that promise much higher speeds than they actually deliver and consistently test at. Often times satellite can be 3, 4, and even 5 times faster in actual use or application.


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